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Current Version  efxMod Europa v2.0.2 [C0] (Build 1212) experimental

released  22th November 2009


Dies ist lediglich eine Downloadseite für Betareleases von efxMod v2.

Es besteht keinerlei Garantie auf Funktionalität und Helix Software übernimmt ebenso keine Haftung für eventuelle Schäden.

Mit dem Download bzw. der Benutzung der Software akzeptieren sie die oben angeführten Hinweise.


This is just a download page for the beta-releases of efxMod v2.

Helix Software doesn't account for any damages and also doesn't guarantee the functionality of the software.

By download or the usage of this software you automatically accept the above-mentioned information.


>> Download efxMod v2 for FPS Creator v1.15 <<


PLEASE don't provide mirrors or personalized packages of efxMod, as we're no longer able to provide necessary updates easily then. We want to ensure a perfect experience for our users. That includes up-to-date software and barrier-free downloading and installing.

Manipulated software that is distributed via other sites than or the main page can be dangerous and we neither account for any damages caused by this software, nor do we offer support for those versions.


If you want to offer a mirror or spezialized packages (e.g. including script libraries) please contact us and get your logo placed right on this page.

Ever though about creating an efxMod support/faq page? Show us your results and you'll be mentioned here.


This is an overview over the past efxMod Versions, the versioning system and the codenaming plus features.


November 2009 (2.0.2)
efxMod v2


efxMod 1.8



efxMod 1.65+

efxCustomizer 3.6

(S)HSL Shading

Adaptive Motion Blur

Bloom/Tone Recoloring


August 2008

efxMod 1.6

Airmod 0.6

Refraction Rendering (windows, glass, ...)

Advanced efxCustomizer

Control over many gameplay and visual properties


Advanced Water Rendering

Optimized Rendering System


efxMod 1.55+

Fixed Skybox Flash

Fixed Globalscript Bug

Fixed MP9/10 Bug

Fixed transparency bugs/new tr. sys.

New dynamic shadowing system


efxMod 1.5

Airmod 0.5

Camera Effects

Parallax Mapping

Advanced Normal Mapping

AirMod Merge/Integration

Depth of Field Rendering

HueSatLight Shading

Water Physics

Timer System


Prometheus EX

efxMod 1.45+

Bloom/Tone Mapping

Performance Updates

Bugfixes (Engine)

LightData/Vectordata Pass


efxMod 1.4

Relief Mapping


efxMod 1.3

efxCustomizer (InGame/RT GUI)

Water Rendering


2007 BFX Branch (Bloom/Tone Mapping)

2007 WFX Branch (Water Rendering)